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on Comic Jumper:

Original Sound Version:
The “Improbable Paper Pals” world is scored by John DeBorde, but might be confused for Glenn Miller. This swinging jazzy collection joins its peers in the world of Captain Smiley in being irresistibly charming and fitting of the action. Part noir and part looney tunes, “Ropes Battle” safely embodies the lot of De Borde’s contribution to the soundtrack with trumpets playing silly (yet difficult) licks and smooth percussion.
The music in the game is an absolute win. WIN! I tell ya, win! The music perfectly matches the tone of the game...


on 'Splosion Man:

Gamer Limit:
"'Splosion Man offers a lengthy and engaging puzzle platforming experience that's only helped by great music and hilarious jokes...the music for the game fits in perfectly."

Cheat Code Central:
"The game is accompanied by great background music."


on Crude Impact:

"The film is backed by a subtle and tense musical score, that builds
momentum as the crisis unfolds."

"The cinematography, iconic images, symbolism, soundtrack and the overall production quality are absolutely top notch."

-Chris Vernon of


on The Collingswood Story:

"The music by John DeBorde is excellent . . . and adds to the foreboding atmosphere."

-Cult Cuts

". . .a creepily effective minimalist score. . ."

-The Horror Review


Some Comments from Clients:

There is nothing more to say than that...the highest honor of Awesomeness. :)


You knocked this one out of the park, can't wait for (more) awesomeness!

Josh Bear
Director of 'Splosion Man


“Not only is John fast and extremely easy to work with, he has an innate ability
to translate my words and instructions into on the spot music of any style. Having worked with many other composers, the quality of John’s work has become
very apparent to me. I would highly recommend John to anyone in need of
high quality music.”

Ryan Sage
Writer / Producer
The Warner Brothers Television Network


"John was brilliant to work with. He is collaborative when you ask
him to be, and driven when you ask him to create on his own. He is
imaginative and the music that he creates is wonderful. John's score
is a huge part of our film, Crude Impact. It evokes great emotions
that fit perfectly with the various topics as they arise."

James Jandak Wood
Writer, Director and Producer of Crude Impact


“Dear John,

Thanks for putting in serious effort to get our film completed in time. As I've mentioned, your music has received great compliments. I look forward to working with you in the future.”

Stokes McIntyre
Director of Reconocer


“It has been an absolute pleasure working with you and I will definitely recommend you for future work with our studio. Thanks so much for your work and professionalism. Hope we can do this again sometime.”

Susan Merrill
Producer of Backyard Skateboarding – ATARI


“Recently I had the opportunity to work with John DeBorde when he scored the soundtrack of my documentary Voices of the Sierra Tarahumara. Not only did he deliver the music in a professional and timely manner, but worked on his own to create a fantastic sound with very little direction. He has a unique ability to communicate to the audience what is sometimes difficult to articulate—the feeling and vision of the filmmaker. It is a much better film through his efforts.”

Robert Brewster
Director and Producer of Voices of the Sierra Tarahumara



Thanks so much for the great work on the Business 2.0 promo. We've
gotten many comments, many specifically on the sound design and
music. As always in our work together, we couldn't have delivered at
the quality level we did and in the time-line we had without you. We
think of you as an integral part of the Sp3d team.

Marc and all the carrots at Sp3d, Inc.”


“At LWD I produced 7 interactive CD-ROMs in a brief 2 year period of productivity where the average Software Development cycle ranged from six to twelve weeks. John DeBorde's talents as a composer / musician and his ability to produce on demand really came through for us in that tightly deadline driven multimedia production environment. We had over thirty video clips of action sports footage (and other recreational activities) on the "Inside Guide To Park Ctiy" CD that we needed to match up with appropriate sound tracks. John provided us with a number of tracks to choose from (in the file formats WE requested, and he even Fed-exed them to us when we were in a pinch to make our beta test / mastering deadline. His tunes were the perfect fit for our snow boarding and extreme skiing sequences. I would recommend his work to anyone looking for a reliable music partner.

Robert E. Dornbush, Jr.
Producer / Project Manager
for LWD Interactive Marketing”