A dynamic composer with roots in classical, rock and ethnic music, John DeBorde brings a refreshing, down to earth approach to each and every project, from feature film and television to promotional, interactive and educational genres.

John’s early, in-depth education in music combined with diverse professional experiences has given him the knowledge and intuition to tackle a variety of artistic challenges. In addition to studying and performing numerous instruments, with a focus on piano and guitar, John broadened his training to include film and drama and achieved a Masters Degree in Music Composition from San Francisco State University. John’s creativity emerges from a wide repertoire of period and cultural styles - from ancient tribal sounds to modern jazz, iridescent ambient soundscapes to powerful orchestral themes and textures - producing robust and satisfying musical portraits.

Over the past few years, John has had the good fortune to be involved with many exciting and worthwhile endeavors, a number of which have garnered professional industry recognition. In 2001, his powerful, eclectic score for the documentary Voices of the Sierra Tarahumara, was presented at Sundance as well as other notable international festivals. He received the prestigious Telly and Aurora Awards in recognition of the dramatic music scores he wrote for a series of short films titled Reconocer. An MSNBC television special, Islam in America: Faith Under Fire, showcased John’s ability to enhance a powerful message with a dramatic musical accompaniment.

In addition to music composition, John remains active in concert performance. He recently premiered his work New Moon Haze (a chamber concerto featuring solo electric guitar) with the Nieuw Ensemble in Amsterdam, featuring himself as the soloist. His works have also been performed at CSU Summer Arts in Long Beach California, June in Buffalo and at various venues in the San Francisco Bay Area.

A prolific and dedicated composer, John approaches his art with passion, professionalism, and an emphasis on client satisfaction - an accomplishment as rewarding to him as the composition itself.